Rancho San Rafael – Reno, NV – 10.18.14

Clear, blue skies. Mild, fall temperature. Just me, my babe and the George. Camera in hand, ready to explore and yet again, practice.

I have been missing the motivation and dedication that I used to have when it comes to photographing. I used to go out all the time, constantly snapping photos of anything and everything. Well, not anymore. I mean, what’s the point in having this nice, awesome camera if I just let in sit dormant in the camera bag? There is none.

This past weekend I had a family photo session that I was really excited about. It was time to get more practice in when it comes to taking portraits. But I had an itch to get out before that session. An itch to go out and be in nature. Capture the beauty around me.

And that’s exactly what I did…

(My boyfriend was even nice enough to pose a few times for me. =])

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