Sautto Family – 10.19.14 – Rancho San Rafael, Reno, NV

Family photos are slightly intimidating. You have to know how to pose all the members of the family. You have to remember their names so you’re not saying, “Hey you, move to the left.” You have to keep the attention of them all focused at your camera. It’s definitely a lot to handle when you’re only used to photographing your best friend, her husband and their one baby.

But when you hear the number three as in three kids, you kind of start to go into freak out mode. I searched the internet high and low (okay, mainly Pinterest, but no one needs to know that) for poses that incorporated three children. I saved a bunch of photos and studied them, preparing myself for the day of my photo session. My boyfriend kept asking me if I was nervous as the session got closer, of course I told him I was okay. But I was really just worried that things wouldn’t go as smoothly as I had planned. 

Orquidea had contacted me on Facebook from my friend Sarra (you can see her family session here). She had seen the photos I took of Sarra’s family and wanted to know if I’d do her family’s photos. Of course I said yes. Anything to help someone out and get a little practice in.

I had the pleasure of working with Orquidea, her husband Luis, and their three ADORABLE girls, Sofia, Lia, and Stassi. The whole family is beautiful and so kind, it was such a blast to work with them.

So without further blabbering and rambling, I give you the Sautto Family.

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