Off to the Midwest – 2.14.14 – Northwest Arkansas

St. Valentine’s Day… A day of flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners and full blown love. Or in my case, flying for 6 hours starting at 6AM.

I had been to the Midwest once before, in Kansas City, when I was 18 for a drafting competition. So all I had really seen of it was the city life. This time, I was going to visit my boyfriend who was working building power lines. Unfortunately, he had to work late the WHOLE weekend, so I didn’t get to spend that much time with him. But I did get to explore the northern part of Arkansas with his sister. It was a great bonding experience! My first full day there, we went to a quaint, Victorian town in the trees and mountains, Eureka Springs. It had lots of old brick buildings, many levels of streets and an abundance of tourists capturing a part of the state’s history.

My second full day there, we went to a drive-thru safari in Decatur. I hadn’t been to a zoo in a while, so it was pretty awesome to have been able to drive through habitat yards with wild animals roaming around your vehicle. The petting zoo was pretty cool too!

I had a really fun time there, exploring and learning about another way of life. I wish I could go back during the spring when all the trees are green and in bloom. But until next time, it’s off to another place to visit aka wherever my boyfriend’s next job is!

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