Lassen National Park – 12.26.14 – California

I haven’t been to Lassen National Park since I was 8 years old. And about the only thing I remember about it was that it smelled like rotten eggs. I had gone with my best friend and her family. We went camping at Lake Almanor and this was a side trip for one of the days. I honestly can’t remember much more of the park than that.

This time though, was with Matt and we were driving home from Redding. Matt had worked for the forest service, so he knew a good deal about the park. He wanted to see if the road through was open. He wasn’t sure because it had just snowed two days before. We made the turn onto Highway 89 from Highway 44 towards Manzanita Lake. We got about as far as the Loomis Ranger Station before the road was blocked stating it was closed. So we turned around and headed back down. I wanted a picture of Lassen Peak since I had never really been there or remember it for that matter. Matt pulled off the side of the road by Manzanita Lake. I switched out of my flip flops into my Nikes and we headed over to get a better view. We walked about 500 yards around the lake to a perfect viewing spot.

I started snapping away with my camera, from the frozen lake to the snow blowing on top of Lassen Peak, to bushes and logs. I never care what I’m taking a picture of, I just do it. And sometimes the most random shots turn out to be the most interesting. Enjoy!

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