Sunny, Wintery Walk with the Dogs – 1.1.15 – Patrick, NV

Every once in a while, my dad asks me if I want to take our dogs for a run to tire them out. And usually it’s out behind my house at the sports complex or it’s down by the river. My favorite one of the two? The river. I love the landscape and there is hardly anyone out there. We go to an area out in Patrick, about 13 miles east of Sparks. They call it the McCarran Ranch Preserve, a restoration project on the lower Truckee River. The trail through it is part of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway. 


It is a great place for the dogs to run and swim, just let out some pent up energy. And I myself, can’t help but take photos every time I go there. This time it was covered in about 3 inches of snow and the small ponds were 95% frozen over. Just serene, peaceful beauty.

I will be back soon enough to this spot, with hopefully more photos on my camera roll!


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