Follow Your Heart…

…all the way to Texas. Because that’s where it is taking you. Leaving all your family, friends and job behind for the unknowns. Taking that chance on true love. I still remember it so clearly.

The call came in.

“Can you be here by the 18th?”


That moment changed our lives forever. He was leaving me to follow his passion in the field of line work. And I had the decision of whether to follow him 1,800 miles across the country or stay put and hope our relationship worked out. I chose the only option.

What makes it scary and crazy is the fact that the decision to be with him on this new journey was actually a really easy one. Yes, I had my doubts and probably a few anxiety attacks, not to mention all the “Are you sure you want to do this?”‘s from friends and family, but he was worth it. We were worth it. The chance at happily ever after was worth it. And let me tell you, it has been beyond-my-wildest-dreams worth it.

Matt and I would be starting a new life chapter together. A first for both of us; living alone together in a new place. And that place was Texas. He left in December of 2015 and I would soon pack up my life along with our pups and drive out there in March of 2016.

I kept thinking to myself the entire drive, “I truly am crazy. I’m really actually doing this.” As I got closer to Texas, my nerves started to subside and my excitement grew bigger. It was a chance that I should take. One that I needed to take. Not only for myself, but for us. This was going to make us both better people, no matter how it ended up.

And to this day, I have never been more thankful, grateful and happy about the chance I took on true love. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it or him.

Isn’t it funny how love works?!


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