And I said, “I wanna be your forever…”

…so baby will you be my wife? Now that we know a little better, we could have a real nice life. ‘Cause I’m what you wanted and you’re what I need, so let’s meet in between. We’re gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen. We’re gonna be the greatest love story this world has ever seen. So baby say yes to me.”

Andddd that song is now stuck in my head. Just like the memory of our Florida vacation.

It was a vacation that was well beyond “much needed” and it was now an even more special one because we were expecting our first child together (read about that here). We were going to be able to relax in the sun on the beach, enjoy each other’s company and not have any cares in the world.

We arrived at our resort Sunday evening and after we took our bags to our room, the first thing we did was walk down to the beach. It was about a half mile walk along sandy paths and palms, the smell of salt water blowing through the air. As we crested the sand dune, it was a picture right out of a magazine. Clean beaches with sand dunes covered in long grasses blowing in the breeze and clear, blue water. I took off my sandals and put my bare feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. We walked around in the water and on the beach for about 20 minutes, then headed back to the hotel to get some dinner before heading off to bed.

Monday arrived and we decided to check out Cocoa Beach, a few miles south. We walked around on the pier for a little bit, then headed down on the beach to lay in the sun for a hour or so. Afterwards, we got some food and drinks (virgin for me) at the outside restaurant on the pier then decided to go to the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop we kept seeing billboards for all the way through Florida. That evening we got to watch a rocket launch from the space station, which I can cross off my bucket list (not that I have one anyways).

The next day we had already planned to spend most of it at our resort’s beach, just kicking back, catching some rays, boogie boarding, collecting sea shells. We got some coffee at the coffee stand in the lobby and waited for the tram to take us down to the beach.

When we got to the beach, we decided to rent an umbrella and lounge chairs for the day. We dropped our things off and Matt went to go pay the guy. As I was getting things situated, I saw the guy walking off to the side and I turned to my left to see Matt getting down on one knee. I immediately started bawling my eyes out. He said, “I’m not really sure how this goes, but will you marry me?” (Okay, some says he said something different, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.) Of course I said yes and all the people around us started clapping and cheering. Our lives were finally falling into place. And what even made it better was that that day was the most beautiful day we had on our vacation. We even had a shark swim between us!

That Wednesday we went to a zoo about 40 miles away, then spent the rest of the afternoon at our resort pool, lazy river, arcade and mini golf. And Thursday we spent the day on the beach again, just hanging out. We left that Friday and made the 15-hour trek home, where I slept most of the way because ya know, pregnancy.

Our Florida vacation was definitely one for the books and filled with so much love, happiness and amazingness. I finally got the dream life I had been wishing for with the love of my life and it couldn’t be any more perfect.


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