Baby, Grow Old With Me

“When does she start getting fun?” is the question my husband jokingly asked one evening during one of Bailee’s witching hour montages. I just smiled at him and said, “What’s not fun about a fussy baby?!” But really, raising a little baby is less fun and more draining than you think when you don’t have a routine set.

I felt like 12 weeks came and went like a hurricane; wreaking havoc on my home, my sleep and my sanity. I started getting zombie-like again after her nighttime wakings got worse and her growth spurt went into full effect. Constantly waking and eating. Showers were non-existent. I wore the same clothes 3 days in a row. Hair up in a bun every minute. Laundry piling up all over the trailer. Dishes sitting in the strainer. I wanted to do nothing and she wanted to do everything.

She got to celebrate her first Easter by seeing the Easter Bunny and with an Easter egg hunt that the park was hosting and we even went to our first get together as a family since her being born. She did really well with all the people and noises. She sat back and just watched them all.

Sleep: I started her on a sleep schedule at 10 weeks and it’s been a battle. She just doesn’t want to sleep during the day apparently. Her night sleep had been pretty good with her sleeping 6-8 hour stretches, then waking every two hours until we got up at 7am.

Feeding: Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day, some days every 1-2 hours. We started supplementing with formula at night for her bedtime feeding.

Growth: Honestly, if I had to guess, she weighs a million pounds and is 6 feet tall. Hahaha No, but really, she’s growing like a weed. So I’d say around 12lbs and 23”.

Strength: When being held, she holds her head very well. During tummy time she can hold her head up 90*. Her legs are getting even stronger and she pushes against anything her feet touch.

Interests: Anything that spins, flashes or plays music. She loves to be facing forward in her stroller and when you carry her. She’s just so curious about life. She’s learning to imitate faces, recognize our voices and even making noises.

I’m ready to start seeing her reach even more milestones. Except not too fast. It’s already hard to believe she’s a quarter of a year old!


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