Little Girls Make the World Go ‘Round

Giving birth to a baby is a monumental moment. Giving birth to a baby girl is even more momentous. You start digging deep and searching for all those morals and beliefs that you want to instill in your little one. You want to let her know that she is beautiful, strong and fierce.

Bailee teaches me every day that it’s okay to still be pretty even when you’re crying. That it’s okay to take a break from one goal (aka toy in her mind) to focus on another one. To smile at the simplest of joys.

Even though she’s only 4.5 months, we’re laying the foundation for her to grow into whatever she wants to be (even if it’s a unicorn at age 4). She’s going to learn about hard work and providing for family from her daddy. And from me, she’ll learn about an unconditional love that fuels any passion she might have.

Our little girl is conquering her little world and soon enough, she’s going to take on the rest of ours.


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