From a Small Seed, a Mighty Trunk May Grow

And it feels like I’m watering and nurturing that seed too much. Watching a little human grow right before my eyes and seeing her blossom into a crazy girl. Feeing joy with every tiny milestone she reaches. And love exploding with all the gummy smiles.

Realizing that it’s already been 5 months since I gave birth to Bailee is so mind boggling. To think this time last year, I was filled with such excitement and dealing with major fatigue. She has been every bit of a life changer and it’s been a roller coaster.

Her temperament hasn’t improved with being high need, but she’s able to express a little more what it is that she needs. She’s learning so much each day and it’s crazy to see how smart she is becoming. We’re in for a wild ride with this one.

We’ve been going out more to just get out of the house. Going to lunch or the store regardless of if she loses her shit or not. I’m a lot more comfortable dealing with her outbursts now and I’m starting to brush off all the stares I get when it happens. I’m starting to accept that it’s who my daughter is and I’m not going to change it for the world.

Auntie Kelly (my sister) came to visit and see Bailee for the first time. They were able to bond and hang out, and I was finally able to catch a break for a little bit each day. She even learned how to kick in the pool thanks to Auntie (and decided to try it during her baths now… not so thanks). Hopefully Bailee will remember her when we move back home. Just have to keep up with FaceTime.

Sleep: While she should be going through the 4 month regression, it hasn’t been too bad at night. Sleeping 6-10 hours during her first stretch of sleep, then sleeps with me until it’s time to get up. Naps are still a pain, she likes catnapping. But we’ll get it. Someday.

Feeding: We’re still feeding on demand, but mostly every 2-3 hours. We started her on solids this month and so far, the veggies are winning. Especially sweet potatoes (she LOVES them). We’re only doing solids at lunch and still rice cereal in her nighttime bottle. At 6 months is when we’ll start adding them at dinner too.

Growth: Every day it seems as though she gets a little bit longer and tiny bit heavier. Last time I measured her, she was 24” long. And if I had to guess on weight, she’s definitely pushing 15lbs, if not more.

Strength: Oh my gosh, this girl has some strength to her. She fully extends her arms when on her tummy, likes to grab things and try to pull herself up. We’re even working on holding herself up with those tree trunks of hers. She still can only roll from tummy to back, but we’re getting close on the other way.

Interests: Toes, toes and more toes. She has discovered them and can’t keep them out of her hands and mouth. She loves her puppies, especially Boeing because he lets her grab his face and drool on him. Still obsessed with music and flashing lights. And when we go for walks in the stroller, she no longer leans back; she has to be sitting up so she can see everything. She’s also discovered the world of blowing raspberries and many of them (hello drool e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.).

Needless to say, my baby girl is getting big and making huge developments in her little mind and body. I’m proud to be her mama and love watching her grow each day. Not sure I’m ready for her to be half a year old in a month.


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