Books Fire Up the Soul

I remember growing up as a kid, we always had a ton of books. We used to read them all the time and it was something I tried to carry on, but haven’t really succeeded at. So I knew when it was time for me to have kids, I wanted them to have a love for books.

We received a few books from friends and family, but the rest I have bought. It may not be a huge collection right now, but hopefully one day it will be. Matt and I wanted to instill reading time into Bailee’s bedtime routine from the moment she was little. However, she had other plans. She chose witching hours that couldn’t be fixed by anything other than the breast. If you tried reading to her, she just cried louder.

Fast forward to 6 months old, and we’ve been reading one book to her almost every night, with little to no fight. I’m not sure how much she understands, but I think she just likes being in her daddy’s arms.

These books are actually out of her reach because she currently has an obsession with trying to eat the pages while you read to her. Soon enough we’ll let her be able to grab them.

I’ve been trying to make sure she has a wide variety of books, not just one style. She has books about parents loving their kids, nursery rhymes, animals, sleepy time, etc.

While Bailee likes her books, she’s most interested in the ones with the finger puppets. We try to make it a little more interactive for her and she loves it. Especially when you make the puppet give her kisses.

What I love the most about reading to her is that there are so benefits to help her development. Reading allows her to hear a variety of words to help build her vocabulary, whether or not the book has a lot of words or not. It helps fire up her imagination (which will be handy in a few more months). It entertains her and makes her smile. And most importantly, it’s bonding time between one another.

And that is absolutely priceless.


PS: What are some books you loved reading to your kids? I’d love to get some suggestions. =)

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