We’re calling it Make It Monday and every two weeks a new craft project will be added!

Wooden Name Sign

I like to consider myself pretty crafty. And along with that, I consider myself thrifty. So when I can make a project for less than $15, it really tickles my fancy. We live in a fifth wheel trailer and my daughter’s room is our closet (yes, I sacrificed my precious side of the closet for … Continue reading Wooden Name Sign

Indoor/Outdoor Table Decor

Home decor is my jam. I love it. And I love taking simple objects and making nice looking pieces. I wanted to make a centerpiece for the picnic table on our deck to make it feel a little more homey, but I wasn’t sure what. I knew I wanted something that was longer and used … Continue reading Indoor/Outdoor Table Decor

Floral Letter

I have been wanting to make one of these forever, but never went through with it. Now that I have a daughter, I can now make ALL the girly things. I however have to keep my crafts to a minimum until we move back home into a real house. My husband will kill me if … Continue reading Floral Letter

Frame Makeover

What I love about getting used goods from people is that most of the time I can give it a makeover if I’m not a huge fan of the design. And that’s exactly what I did with these frames that I got from a friend. She had two of these safari themed frames that I … Continue reading Frame Makeover

Flower Bedazzle

Lately (okay, more like the past 5-6 years), I’ve had a HUGE obsession with flowers. Real, fake, paper, digital. I just love that I can literally make anything better with flowers. And like I said in my Floral Letter craft, I can make all the girly things now that I have a baby girl. So … Continue reading Flower Bedazzle