Flower Bedazzle

Lately (okay, more like the past 5-6 years), I’ve had a HUGE obsession with flowers. Real, fake, paper, digital. I just love that I can literally make anything better with flowers.

And like I said in my Floral Letter craft, I can make all the girly things now that I have a baby girl. So while roaming Hobby Lobby, I happened to come across this 10×10″ sign and it was perfect for Bailee’s future room. But it needed some pizazz aka flowers. So I went to the paper craft aisle and picked up some paper flowers. I love the paper flowers because they’re becoming so real looking, but I don’t have to spend a fortune on a bunch of different fake flowers.

Price breakdown:

Sign: 4.49 (orig. 7.99, used 40% off coupon)

Paper flowers: 4.99

Total: 9.48

This was really easy to put together. I laid out all the flowers to see what I had and then spent a few minutes arranging them on the sign. Then I used Alene’s Tacky Glue and used a fair amount on each flower. I let it dry for a few hours. And that was it. It took me only about 10 minutes tops to arrange and glue it all.

I now love it though. See… flowers make everything better.