Frame Makeover

What I love about getting used goods from people is that most of the time I can give it a makeover if I’m not a huge fan of the design. And that’s exactly what I did with these frames that I got from a friend.

She had two of these safari themed frames that I wasn’t the biggest lover of. But I knew I liked the concept of the frame design. So I decided to make them a little more my style (aka black and white). I just think black and white things are classic and clean looking.

This project was a fairly quick one, maybe 30 minutes tops. And cost me about $2 total for a can of black spray paint and a $1 calendar from Target.

First, I disassembled the frame and removed the existing decor (craft paper backing and metal animals). Then I painted the frame and shadowbox portion black with two coats of black spray paint. After those dried, I chose two pictures I liked out of the calendar and glued them in the shadowbox. Finally, I assembled the frames and voila!