Indoor/Outdoor Table Decor

Home decor is my jam. I love it. And I love taking simple objects and making nice looking pieces.

I wanted to make a centerpiece for the picnic table on our deck to make it feel a little more homey, but I wasn’t sure what. I knew I wanted something that was longer and used greenery. So I headed to Marshalls/Home Goods to see if I could find anything. No luck. So during my shopping trip, I went into Ross to look at baby stuff (because that’s all I shop for these days). I found this cute box in the outdoor section and it was perfect. So I bought it. Then it was time to decide what I wanted to put in it. I was leaning towards succulents, real, maybe fake ones. But do I get little ones in small pots to fit in this box? I wasn’t sure.

I let the box sit on my picnic table for a few days, occasionally using it as a beer bottle holder. I was liking the idea of it. So I went to good HobLob and found some succulent floral picks. Got home and put them in the bottles. It just seemed too tall once I put them in there. A few days went by and my husband had been drinking Mickey’s. I looked at them and thought to myself, “BINGO!” Great idea! I wanted to take the labels off and the gold cap seal ring off, but decided against it.

Price breakdown:

Wood box: 7.99

Succulent picks: 12.96

Mickey’s Beer: No idea

Total: 20.95 (not including tax)

Easiest project I’ve done! You could easily change out the bottles for something else, or use different ones you find in a store, but I really liked the shape and color of the Mickey’s. I also should’ve waited for the succulents to be on sale at 50% off, but oh well! I still love it and it makes my deck a little more welcoming!