Wooden Name Sign

I like to consider myself pretty crafty. And along with that, I consider myself thrifty. So when I can make a project for less than $15, it really tickles my fancy.

We live in a fifth wheel trailer and my daughter’s room is our closet (yes, I sacrificed my precious side of the closet for her). I wanted to make it feel a little more like hers, so I decided to do some decorating.

I knew I wanted to make her a name sign and I thought now would be a good time. We (I) had decided on mint and grey as her nursery/item colors, so that was color scheme I went for with this.

Hobby Lobby is my go-to these days for anything crafty. Things are always on sale and they have a good selection of things.

Price breakdown:

Wood sign: 1.99

Wood Letters (2pk): 4.95 (0.99 ea x 5 – B, A, I, L, E)

Acrylic Paint: 1.92 (0.96 x 2 – 30% off – originally 1.37 ea)

Paper Flowers: 2.99 (after 40% coupon – originally 4.99)

Total: 11.85 (not including tax)

First I painted the letters white with 3 coats of paint and the wood sign a grey color with 2 coats of paint. I allowed them to dry for 5-10 minutes (I live in Texas and was painting outside on a 96* sunny day). I then attached them using Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Next I positioned the flowers the way I liked them. I only used 3 of the flowers because four looked way too crowded. I then attached those with tacky glue as well. For painting and gluing, it only took me 20 minutes max. I let the sign dry for about 12 hours before I hung it up!

Photo Jul 30, 7 37 39 AM

All in all, it was a quick, easy and cheap project to make. I would love to make more like it in the future.