Sadie Turns One! – 10.10.15 – Reno, NV

I had the utmost pleasure of getting to take photos of a friend’s little girl turning one. Sadie, beyond adorable! She is the happiest child I have ever seen and loved every minute of the picture taking! I think my favorite part of the whole session is that all she wanted to do was play in the dirt with the sticks and leaves. Girl after my own heart! Continue reading

Spring is Here for Taytum – 3.22.15 – Reno, NV

Spring has started to bloom and little Miss Taytum was due for some new photos (you can see my previous sessions with her here, here and here). Easter was right around the corner and Sarra had asked me to do a combo of spring and Easter photos. So I wracked my brain and came up with staging ideas and photo props to give her the best little photo session possible.

Poor Taytum always knows that when she sees me that it’s time to take pictures and there is always a camera in my hand. So she goes from joyous on the car ride over and not so cheerful when it’s time to snap away. That is until you get her half naked and let her run around, as well as picking up and chewing stuff. This little one is a doll and I can’t wait to see her again!

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