Happiness Comes From Within

And while that sounds totally cliche, it’s also very true. Something that a lot of us think we can just mosey on over and not even bat an eye at. Man y of us never truly take the time to discover, even create a happy soul. We go on our ways and go through the motions. 

So I ask you to think hard about it, even dig deep in the memory bank and find that moment when you found your inner happiness. Chances are you haven’t ever tried to find it. You think that having family, friends, likes and love are what make you happy, but what happens when those things disappear and all you have is yourself?

I used to battle with inner happiness when I was in my early twenties. I used to try to find happiness in love and men. I was always trying to catch the attention of guys, hoping it’d turn into a relationship and then happiness. Unfortunately, I never found it through heartbreak after heartbreak. I finally told myself to give up on the love path and try something new.

Now, when I say something new, I tried about 3-4 new things that most would find cuckoo and way too new age. I gallivanted in the world of crystal healing, tarot cards, psychic readings and Chinese astrology. I thought that if there was a way to explain my personality and the reason behind my motives, that I could fix myself; I could steer myself away from those traits. I thought if I wore all the crystal bracelets and necklaces, I would be able to feel stress free, calm, exude love and ambition. I used to think that pulling cards from a tarot deck and foreseeing my future would make me happy and prepared for life. Wrong. All that any of these things did was get my hopes up and take me away from my true purpose: finding what makes my heart happy and my soul smile.

So I tried another path. Self love. I started being selfish. I took myself on dates, doing things I used to love doing. And by golly, it worked. I started seeing a true smile on my face. I started to regain confidence in myself. I finally realized that no one and nothing was going to make me truly happy if I wasn’t willing to start with myself.

Whatever you need to do to change your outlook and get on the path to inner happiness, DO IT. Be relentlessly selfish.

Take yourself to that football game you’ve been itching to watch. Enjoy mimosas and waffles at that local dive you’ve been dying to check out. Go for a walk on that ocean or lake beach.

Or start out small. Spend a few hours at the pool drinking some La Croix. Go to a little coffee shop and read a book or blog. Write down a list of things you used to enjoy doing or want to do.

Don’t think of it as a material thing. Think of it as what makes your heart smile.

Take your time. Happiness isn’t a race.



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